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Defeating Writer’s Block!


Before I get into defeating writer’s block let me share with you the 4 types of writer’s block that I have come up with. I will list them from the easiest to get rid of to the hardest.

The Bad Guys:

First we have The Ever Annoying French Cube. This is the kind of Writer’s Block that can be easily taken down, but man is it sure annoying. You know the scene you are about to write but the French Cube is just not allowing you to put pen to paper. He ate the words like it were a plate of expensive cheeses! emotion_smilies/icon_omnomnom.gif

You see the image in your head, the scene, the characters, you even know some of their dialogue, but for some reason none of the words are coming to you!

It’s very annoying when this guy comes around, but lucky for us he’s an easy foe.

The Ooo Shiny Cube can happen when you are in the middle of writing and then suddenly you see something, think something, and BAM you have forgotten about your story. You could be so focused and then here he comes the Ooo Shiny Cube tempting you to do something else. Has Stacy commented on your photo on facebook? Has anyone updated their Tumblr? Hmm I wonder what’s going on in my game? All of these thoughts that come during your writing are because of Ooo Shiny! He’s relentless.

Ok so The Procrastination Bug isn’t a ‘block’, but she is terrible for writers. This devil doesn’t even allow you to get to your story! You can be thinking about writing, your characters, even get a plot bunny, but the Procrastination Bug will make sure you get no where near your computer or writing pad. She tells you there are better things to do or discourages you from writing. She tells you “writing can wait, let’s go play on the Wii!!” She is just as bad as the cubes and once she has bitten you, no matter how many times you spray “Writer’s Raid” she keeps coming back!

THE BORG CUBE OF WRITING is the deadliest and most feared by writers. This soul less monster has been tracking you through Writer’s Space for weeks and then BAM! It attacks you and tries to assimilate your genius into the void where no imagination can exist. It’s horrible. You have no idea what to do next in your story. You doubt everything about your characters, and your writing style? It’s all crap! How can you go on in this project? Maybe you should give up? That is exactly what the BORG CUBE wants. For you to give up and be assimilated into disappointment in yourself and in your novel. 

How to Fight the Blocks

I have found links to each kind of Writer’s Block. Each hones in on the different problems writer’s face and give you tools, encouragement, and weapons for fighting Writer’s Block.

How to battle the French Cube:

Writing what you know
You see the image in your head, you feel it, so write it! Even if it is crummy go a head and write SOMETHING on the freakin’ page. Sure the words aren’t pretty and the grammar? Horrible. But dear heavens to Betsy at least you now know what you are writing about!

Play with the Thesaurus
Hate having to use the same word twice? Three times? Oh golly gee you have written “plethora” at least 15 times on a page! Go use the Thesaurus! Not only will you feel better using a new word, but you will be slapping that French Cube in the face with your new found vocabulary.

Write a few Descriptions
This is helpful for when the French Cube tries come in between you and your vision of the scene. Even if you don’t need to know that the left vase on the table is blue and is casting a shadow onto the other vase doing a Description exercise will help you see the whole scene!

The Use of Google
That’s right google images. When you want to describe something, when you want to see how something is done/made, and when you just need to know how close the human heart is to the lungs. Also, general research (though Google is a start I would suggest reading credible books from credible authors) on your subject goes a long way.

How to battle the Ooo Shiny Cube!:
Avoid Distraction
The list says it all. Don’t check facebook, don’t even get on Tumblr emotion_smilies/icon_jawdrop.gif focus!

A Few More Tips
That’s practically 15 tips to make you not distracted!

Monica Wood's Tips
Specifically look for March’s Tips even though most of these tips pertain to distraction. By using a timer you are bound by the clock. Bind yourself! The only way to get free is to write! And then you can reward yourself!

Battling that pesky Procrastination Bug:
Kris Cramer's 6 Tips
This guy knows his stuff. Check out more of his blog, but don’t do it when you aren’t finished with that scene Mister/Missy!

A Whole Blog for us Procrastinating Writers
This blog is utterly dedicated to help prevent procrastination. Use it. Kill that Procrastination Bug! Again, NOT, if you aren’t finished with your writing today.

Meyer's Triangle
This is actually a great way to help you focus and get excited about writing. Her advice really hones in on the fact that we tend to LET the Procrastination Bug take over.

When you are feeling Discouraged.
You like your story but the Borg want you to fail, so it gives you a false sense of doubt and ultimately wants to divide your dreams and then conquer your book.

Malinda Lo: How not to give up Writing
I like how she organized three different areas you can give up on. Very relate-able. Clearly this woman battled the Borg, and won!

Ok so you’re excited to write now, but the battle isn’t over yet. You re-read your story…It’s crap. Pure crap. Every word seems like people are going to hate it if they read it. And they might. But that’s a good thing! But even before you hand it to someone edit your own writing. These tips help. Once you realize you have a nice chunk of work, you have defeated the Borg.

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